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Fund the Future VI: The Route to Exit!

‘You should be willing to sell your baby to Asia and never see it back’. 

On December 6 Kennispark Twente and Powered by Twente – Innovation Events organized the sixth edition of Fund the Future at the University of Twente. Fund the Future is a series of conferences which emphasizes financing for every stage of your company with the aim to bring investors and entrepreneurs closer together. The central theme was ‘The Route to Exit’, how can entrepreneurs grow towards a successful exit strategy? The general conclusion of the event was clear: run your business with one eye on the exit door, but don’t think too much about it. Just build a business.

An interesting meeting of 50 entrepreneurs, investors and startups who share their vision and their experiences during Fund the Future VI. With inspiring speakers, such as Nard Sintenie (Innovation Industries), Harry Dolman (HPE Capital Growth), Pieter Rhemrev (PPM Oost) and Willem van den Berg (Value Creation Capital), which all shared their vision on ‘The Road to Exit.

The afternoon started with a lunch where investors and entrepreneurs could meet and talk. After that the plenary program started with an introduction on the various stages of growth towards an exit by Kees Eijkel (University of Twente). Moderator Hans Brouwers, interim director of Kennispark Twente was leading the sessions. After that ‘The Route to Exit’ from the perspective of the investor was taken into account.

Sidekick Kees Eijkel stated: “The Route to Exit is like running a marathon. You have to be a kind of masochist to succeed”. So how to realize a good exit strategy? “A fantastic exit can be realized by a current technology, a good pitch and the right team”, says Harry Dolman from HPE Growth Capital.  Pieter Rhemrev from PPM Oost says: “Don’t start too late with the exit process, know your market and have no pressure”.

At the end of the panel discussion the audience of Fund the Future concluded that the golden rule is not to think too much about an exit. Just run your business with one eye on the exit door. Willem van den Berg from Value Creation Capital says: “When having your own company, you have to take a lot of things into account. The right people are making a real difference and you need proper partners and of course a very brilliant idea which can scale up to the market. In between you are astonished about the fact that someday a buyer shows up on your doorstep.”

The follow up of this event will be on January 10, 2017 during the First Tuesday – Venture Café in The Gallery. We will see you there!



The program for Fund the Future VI on December 6, 2016:

Moderator: Hans Brouwers (Kennispark Twente)

1.00pm: Walk-in & Lunch
2.00pm: Start plenary program with an introduction on the various stages of growth towards an exit by Kees Eijkel (University of Twente).
2.15pm: The Route to Exit from the perspective of the investor with Nard Sintenie, Willem van den BergHarry Dolman and Pieter Rhemrev.
3.15pm: Break & networking.
3.45pm: Panel discussion with Nard Sintenie, Harry Dolman, Willem van den Berg and Pieter Rhemrev.
5.00pm: Wrap up
5.15pm: Exit champagne with bites and networking




View the complete list of participants of Fund the Future VI.



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