• Fund the Future
  • 20 april 2017
  • 15:00 - 17:30
  • Plus Ultra (Wageningen Campus)


Fund the Future VII: Smart Funding Canvas

On Thursday, April 20, 2017, the seventh edition of Fund the Future took place. This time, StartupDelta, Novel-T, Golden Egg Check and StartLife organized a national conference for investors and entrepreneurs in Wageningen. The theme of the day was the ‘Smart Funding Canvas’.

The purpose of the afternoon was to provide feedback on the Smart Funding Canvas to help startups even better with their strategy. “Because building it together will ensure that we are using it together”, according to Kees Eijkel, Director Strategic Business Development at the University of Twente.

The Smart Funding Canvas is developed by StartupDelta and is used for startups to create a funding strategy. Anne-Wil Lucas, Program Manager Talent, Knowledge and Skills at StartupDelta, explains that the Smart Funding Canvas is a tool to improve the matching between startups and investors and the canvas can be used to create a joined learning curve for both startups and investors and therefore help to create ‘an overall pool of smart funding’ as is StartupDelta’s goal.

The Smart Funding Canvas is split up into four stages: Get Ready, Get Smart, Start Talking and Keep Learning. During the workshop, the participants used their knowledge and experience from the field to give feedback and to further improve the Smart Funding Canvas.

It was a successful afternoon where startups and investors learned from each other and shared their feedback on the canvas. StartupDelta will incorporate this feedback into an improved version of the canvas which will be released in June this year.

You can find here the Smart Funding Canvas, presentation and photos:

This edition of Fund the Future was organized by StartupDelta, Novel-T, Golden Egg Check and StartLife.


The program of Fund the Future VII on April 20:

3.00pm – 3.30pm    Walk in
3.30pm – 3.45pm    Introduction ‘Smart Funding Canvas’
3.45pm – 4.00pm    Speaker
4.00pm – 5.00pm    Workshop ‘Smart Funding Canvas’
5.00pm – 5.30pm    Wrap up and conclusions
5.30pm                    Networking and drinks


‘Smart Funding Canvas’

What kind of questions are relevant for the canvas or which information must it portray? During the workshop on April 20 you’ll be divided into four groups to give your feedback on the main topics of the canvas.

The topics are:
– Know Your Business: Investor readiness and exit strategies;
– The Next Step: How to define your needs;
– Proposition, terms and relationship from the startup point of view;
– Proposition, terms and relationship from the investors point of view.


The following persons have signed up for Fund the Future VII on April 20:

Voornaam Achternaam Bedrijf
Andrew Amedu Veritas Vision Social Initiative LTD/GTE
Mike Beunder TD Shepherd & Co. B.V.
Pascal Bittner Kennispunt Twente
Hans Boumans TNO
Hans Brouwers Novel-T
Rogier de Haan Novel-T – Gunya BV
Harm de Vries Innovation Industries
Iris de Winter StartLife
Gerben Dijksterhuis Rabobank
Hette Elgersma Finon B.V.
Florentine Fockema Andreae NBI Investors/SHIFT Invest
Murat Gül SmartFunding
Maarten Heintz PNO Consultants
Bart Heuts Oostnv
Erwin Holtland Novel-T / University of Twente
Harry Inia TDShepherd
John Jeckmans TripleCo + KMTC Holding Inc.
Wander Kenter Roessingh Research & Development and Novel-T BDT
Roy Kolkman Novel-T
Alain le Loux Cottonwood Technology Fund
Thomas Mensink Golden Egg Check
Sander Polman Kairos
Jos Richters Visual Data Webservices
Wybren Ritsma Sonus Health BV
Kees Schöller Saxion
Wilco Schoonderbeek PPM Oost
Nard Sintenie Innovation Industries
Steven Tan Nascent Ventures BV
Tom van Boven PNO Consultants
Willem van den Berg Value Creation Capital
Hans van den Boom Rbobank
Raymond van den Bos OndernemersLift+
Jeroen van der Heide INVESTOR ready
Loretta van Kollenburg Hybriscan Technologies
Rik van Reekum University of Twente
Steven van Roon maxon motor benelux bv
Nick Visschedijk 216 Accountants
Matthew Vuijk KplusV
Sander Weernink FUSE design consultants
Luc Jan Wolpert WOV

Previous editions


The presentations of previous editions of Fund the Future.

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Smart Funding Canvas
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Presentatie Willem van den Berg – Value Creation Capital
Presentatie Pieter Rhemrev – PPM Oost

Fund the Future V May 25, 2016

A debate with Ray Quintana (Cottonwood Technology Fund), Luigi Amati (META group), dr. Detlef Pohl (Siemens Venture Capital), Dave Blivin (Cottonwood Technology Fund), Carlien Roodink (Crowdfundinghub) and Wilco Rietberg (Reggeborgh Invest)

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