Stephan Bosman: Speaker for the StartupLaunch!

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Meet our third speaker for the StartupLaunch: Stephan Bosman, founder of Need State One, a Marketing & Sales company that helps companies sell.
After the successfull sale of Neomax, Bright Migration and, he became associated with various startups like Be-Quan (Next Social Career Network) and Community Networkz (Social Network). ‘Entrepreneurship for me is the ultimate game of supply and demand. I love to help startups and companies from zero to One’.
‘Nothing happens till somebody sells something. You don’t seduce customers with tricks. It starts with understanding. What are the wishes, motives, needs and ambitions?
During the StartupLaunch, Stephan will challenge you to sharpen your business idea, take you on your own customer journey and provide the next step for launching your idea!
Curious about his view on Marketing & Sales for your business idea? Register now for the StartupLaunch from 11 till 13 March!